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How to get to the top of Walmart Marketplace search rankings?

Here are the core aspects that determine your search ranking and presence on Walmart Marketplace:

Listing views

The number of inbound visitors that arrive on your listings from external sources like Google Shopping (Walmart advertises on Google Shopping)
The number of organic visitors that arrive on your listings by browsing/searching

Transactions & SKU Reviews

The more purchases you have for your products, the more weight they’ll carry in search results and recommendations.
The more positive reviews of each of your SKUs, the more weight they’ll carry in search results and recommendations.

Keywords & Categorization

Do your descriptions, titles, bullets contain keywords that people looking for your product type would search for?
Is your Walmart Product Type (assigned on a Smart Type basis and editable in the Category & Description section of the main Edit Product view on a per SKU basis) most relevant? Contact us if you think your Smart Type(s) should be categorized differently for Walmart.

Seller Scorecard

Your Seller Scorecard in your Walmart Seller Center tracks your account performance.
Be sure to regularly review your Seller Scorecard to ensure your metrics are healthy, and proactively address any metrics that need to be improved.
Based on your fulfillment method and capabilities, you may need to adjust handling time accordingly to set performance expectations in line with your actual performance.

Pricing Parity with Slight Advantage

It’s important to make sure that your pricing on Walmart matches your pricing on Amazon.
Put yourself in the visitor’s shoes, if you’re on a Walmart listing for your product, is there a reason to leave and check out Amazon? The most common reason is shipping prices. If a non-Amazon Prime shopper is on your Walmart listing and they see a price of $24.95 + Free Shipping, and they check out your product on Amazon and see that it’s $24.95 + Free Shipping on orders over $49, then they are highly likely to purchase from your Walmart listing.

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