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Mere selling at is not enough, you’ve to rank your products up at And most importantly win the buy box.

Although there comes a feature Reprices along with Walmart Marketplace API integration however top rankings could be ensured by following certain practices and principles.

Ensure Best SEO practices are followed: has laid down certain SEO practices to follow. Following these practices rank your products up at Use the most relevant keyword in your item’s description and title.

Extra attention is required while framing content for Product Name, Short and Long Descriptions Bullets, Images. Implementation of this practice guarantees greater visibility. Follow below mentioned practices:

Product Name

  • 50-75 words
  • Write unique product specific titles not used anywhere before
  • Club the brand with most popular attributes

Below is one such example from Walmart knowledge base where excellent description of brand (Dure Trel) is clubbed with attribute (White Finish, Small Slat Planter)

product name


Follow guidelines while product name writing-

Brand + Clothing Size Group (if applicable) + Defining Quality + Item Name + Style (if applicable) + Pack Count

Short Description:

  • Must be between 500 and 1000 character or, 9 to 10 sentences long
  • Should be informative and specific
  • Must include relevant keywords, product name, brand name, and product name’s synonyms

short description

Long Description

  • Must be between 1000 and 4000 character or, between 10 to 30 features and benefits
  • Must include relevant keywords, product name, brand name, and product name’s synonyms and related words that customers use to search the product
  • The Description should be informative and consumers’ needs centric.
  • Use facts and figures to sound expert

Long Description

Shelf Description

  • Mention the 3 most noteworthy benefits and features of the item
  • Write relevant keywords in the description
  • Write specific and complete product detail

Shelf Description

Category Mapping:

Mapping the categories of the products is the most important and the necessary step which the seller must keep in mind and it helps you rank your products up at Category Mapping decides to which category your product belongs. Not doing category mapping correctly will publish the products at but your prospects won’ be able to view your product as it is being displayed in the wrong category.


Pricing of the product matters a lot. Keep in mind that neither the product has too much price or too low price in comparison to competitor’s price as Walmart unpublishes those products having too much or too low prices.

For example, If a seller sells t-shirts at $50 and other at $45, then your product would not be listed or if listed then not at the top.

The other case is if your price is $45 but rest offers them at $52, then in this case as well your product would not be listed.


Primary Image URL:

The URL for the item’s Main Image must be clear.

Reviews Count:

The number of reviews of an item has on also affect on the product listing.

Average Rating:

The average rating this item has received on

High-resolution images

Upload high-quality, high-resolution images. And include product title in the alt image section to help them be more search-able.

For more information read Walmart’s Item Image guideline

Excellent customer service

  • 24-48 Hrs. for query resolution
  • 24 Hrs. for ticket escalation resolution

Since mere existence is not required, in order to succeed in winning more buy boxes and better result discovery aforementioned practices go far beyond.

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