Amazon Product Descriptions Using HTML Template (Formatting)

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Hi eVery Online Seller, As we all know , This is very important to describe your product in details , your product descriptions are hugely important when selling online. They are part of eCommerce along with picture, title,video.

There is some of the confusion surrounding amazon ,ebay description and what is and isn’t allowed in the amazon, ebay catalogue.


A quickly search online with throw up plenty of forums stating that absolutely no formatting is allowed in amazon or ebay descriptions at all. It just be plain text which describes the product , however this is incorrect:

You can add HTML formatting to Amazon and ebay product descriptions.

You will learn in this article all the HTML tags you can use.


Basic Formatting For Amazon Product Description


basic formatting is allowed on your amazon product descriptions and we’ll show how you can use it, and what a difference it will make to entice more sales!


It is no secret that we think description are a hugely important ingredient in your perfect listing recipe. As you may remember the first E-commerce in plain English Podcast covered “Descriptions that sell” If you haven’t heard it yet , the click the link and give it a listen.


The key for your description is to make it concise, descriptive(obviously) but most importantly, easy to read.
With a bit of formatting help we can make descriptions really easy to read and therefore increase the likelihood of a coversion into a sale.


How Not to Make an Amazon Product Description

Take a look at this product on Amazon:


The title is straightforward and states exactly what the product is. However the picture is dire, it’s obviously been resized, includes a watermark and you’re not supposed to have any background on product images on Amazon.

Not only is it all in capital letters which is a huge pet hate of ours ( all CAPS which is a bit, ok very, very annoying ), however scroll down to the product description area.

It is all bunched together and all in capital letters and only over two lines it makes it very easy to miss if you are just scanning the page.

It doesn’t look professional and makes it look like an incomplete product page.

Seriously, would you buy this product?


Amazon Product Descriptions Using HTML



We have several examples of HTML formatted in Amazon product descriptions.

While none of these are “amazing” examples, they’ll clearly demonstrate what you could be doing with your product descriptions.

Example 1 – Good “All Round” HTML usage

In this example you can see that the creator of the Amazon product description, has used the combination between sentences and bullet points on their product description.

Example 2 – Delicate use of Bold HTML tags

This product description has “strong” HTML tags being used to highlight the key information. This case because it’s part of a “Suite”, these factors are really important to a buyer.

Example 3 – Using a Table

And finally this product is demonstrating that you can include HTML tables in Amazon product descriptions and also basic colour coding too.

While none of these examples are 100% spot-on, I’m sure you agree these look better by employing some basic HTML to the descriptions and they sure beat the one-long-sentence that you find on most 3rd party sellers products.

Note: Amazon removed the original example we had for you, however we did grab a screenshot and you can see this in the image above. Click the image for a larger version


How to Create a Comprehensive Amazon Description With HTML

With a few simple HTML tags you can quickly emphasize and structure your descriptions. Make them clearer and easier to read than a plain text paragraph.

We imagine that you’ll already know these tags already, but just in case you don’t, here are a few you can use when entering your Amazon product description.

Here we have a a very quick intro to HTML.

You have an opening (eg <b>) and a closing tag (eg </b>) if you want to cause an effect to whatever is in between the tags.

If you want to insert one piece of formatting on the page then you only need to add that tag once per effect (no opening and closing). Now that isn’t very easy to explain but the below examples should help.

Bold/ Strong Tags: <b> & </b>

These are a simple bold tag. Everything that is in between these tags will appear in bold text.
This is perfect for sections of a description that you want to separate or important parts you want to highlight. An example of how to use this would be: “<b>Technical Specifications</b>”

Line Break: <br>

This is the tag for a line break. You can insert these to insert a line break in your description.

Perfect for making sure there is a difference between two paragraphs or drawing attention to a different section of your description. An example of this would be: “this is the end of one paragraph. <br> This is the start of the second.”

Bullet Point Lists: <ul>, <ol> & <li>

These are the tags needed to create bullet or numbered points in your listing.
The UL tag stands for unordered list and everything in between them, will be put in bullet points. The li tags are there to differentiate the different bullet points. It’s really simple when you see it in practice so here you go:

The bullet point list:

<li> This is a bullet point </li>
<li> And so is this one</li>

And this would make:

This is a bullet point
And this is one

The one we’ve missed out is the use of OL instead of UL. OL tags make numbered bullet points and an example is below:

The numbered bullet point list:

<li> This is a bullet point </li>
<li> And so is this one</li>

And this would create:

This is a bullet point
And this is one

See easy peasy!
More HTML Tags You Can Use on Amazon

It doesn’t stop there either!

There are a whole collection of HTML tags that you can use, here is a small example of them:

<em> italic text
<h2>, <h3>, <h4>, <h5> for headings
<hr> for a horizontal rule
<pre> for pre-formatted text
<strong> an alternative to using <b> tags (but not suggested)
<sub> for subscript
<sup> for superscript

And just like HTML on web pages you can string them together like we saw in the previous example.


In Summary

By utilising these simple HTML tags you can make a massive difference to how your Amazon product description looks, and increases the chances of someone buying your product.

Amazon wants its marketplace sellers to create listings that fit in with their catalogue. However there are limitations to how much formatting you can do, unfortunately you won’t be able to go to town like a true Amazon listing such as there Kindle descriptions, those are really expensive and the last time we checked, a single fully customised product page costs over £300.

So no pretty graphics, embedded video’s or photos are allowed, we are going back to basics here but it can make a massive positive difference if done properly.

With just a little bit of time & effort spent getting your product descriptions right and making them easy for potential customers to read then you greatly improve your chances of converting on Amazon.

Remember you create your Amazon product once and it stays in the catalogue forever so make sure you make it as good as it can be from the beginning as it saves having to go back and edit it again later unnecessarily.




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